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ISBN: U9780385681605

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From multi-award winning author Nino Ricci comes a novel of devastating emotional power and intelligence, and often breathless suspense: the story of one man’s descent into sleeplessness.

David Pace is a man who has it all–a successful career as an almost-famous academic, a wife blessed with both beauty and brains, a young son and a lovely home. But David’s brain has begun to misfire. It shuts off when David is meant to be awake–when he’s writing, when he’s lecturing, when he’s driving–but otherwise denies him any rest at all. Popping a variety of pills at an increasingly alarming rate, David struggles to remain alert, but his efforts become less and less effective, leaving his family in tatters and his career on the brink. Then, almost by accident, David finds himself with a loaded gun in his hands, and all of a sudden he feels tantalizingly, gloriously awake. The sensation, fuelled by a steady mix of pharmaceuticals, launches David towards the extremes of human behaviour, and as his choices become more and more abhorrent and the risks he is willing take more and more dangerous, David’s sense of what is real, who he is, and what he is capable of slips terrifyingly out of reach.