Get a Real Food Life: Janine Whiteson’s Revolutionary 8-Week Food Makeover

ISBN: 1579544851
Editorial: Rodale Books (2002).
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“I eat when I’m stressed out.”
“I’m addicted to junk food.”
“I’m always on a diet.”
Sound familiar?

In Get a Real Food Life, high-energy food coach Janine Whiteson teaches you the skills you need to regain control over your relationship with food. When you create a Real Food Life, you’re able to enjoy all of the food you eat, secure in the knowledge that it’s nourishing you– mind, body, and soul. Your new Real Food Life is all about eating when you’re hungry, choosing foods that make you feel great, and strategically eliminating those that drag you down.

Janine believes that rather than helping you gain control, restrictive diets and trendy eating plans actually do the opposite– decrease control and increase obsession. As she guides you through the sometimes treacherous minefield of junk food and emotional eating, she’ll show you a life where you’re not obsessed by “forbidden” foods.