500 Fat Free Recipes: A Complete Guide to Reducing the Fat in Your Diet – Usado

ISBN: 0679445188
Editorial: Villard (1998)
Idioma: inglés.
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While more and more Americans are discovering the health benefits of a low-fat diet, the thousands of cooks who made 500 Fat-Free Recipes a bestseller and a classic on fat-free cooking are also enjoying the rich flavors Sarah Schlesinger brings to fat-free meals. With 500 More Fat-Free Recipes, Schlesinger has created an even more diverse collection that should make every meal of the day a healthy and delicious success.

Beginning with a much expanded list of ingredients–reflecting the greater variety of foods now available on supermarket shelves–Schlesinger has drawn inspiration from cuisines around the world–Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and more. Wonderful, often underused flavors like curry, lemongrass, fresh ginger, rose water, and balsamic and wine vinegars brighten dishes that are a far cry from the bland, repetitive meals people often associate with the restrictions of fat-free cooking. Who would imagine that dishes like these have only one gram of fat or less per serving?: Persian Apple-sauce, flavored with rose water and mint; Cardamom-Ginger Cantaloupe; Cold Carrot Soup with Thyme; Cucumbers with Horseradish; Wild Rice-Red Grape Salad; Curried Lentils and Rice; Baked Ziti, rich with roasted red peppers, eggplant, and mushrooms; Cannellini Beans with Shells and Sage; Spinach-Topped Crostini; Papaya Sorbet; and Molasses Cake.